Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds

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Top 10 Dog BreedsDog Breed
#1 - Labrador Retrievers
Friendly, very active, enjoy playing.
german shepherd#2 - German Shepherds
Smart, confident, courageous
#3 - Golden Retrievers
Intelligent, friendly, and devoted.
#4 - Bulldog
Calm, friendly, courageous
beagle#5 - Beagle
Happy, curious, friendly
french bulldog#6 - French Bulldog
Smart, playful
Yorkshire Terrior#7 - Yorkshire Terrier
Lively, affectionate
Poodle#8 - Poodles
Active, smart
Rottweiler#9 - Rottweilers
Reserrved around strangers, affectionate with family.
Boxer#10 - Boxers
Very active, enjoy a lot of exercise.
Top 100 Dog Breeds
Top 100 Dog Breeds

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